Save a prayer

Tadaaaa – here it is!

My new version of “Save a prayer”.

As I already wrote in this post, I wasn’t quite sure, if my first attempt would fit into the style of the album as a whole. Now that it’s taking shape, I knew that a more electronic version of Save a prayer (from Duran Duran) would work much better.

So I threw away the guitar, the heavy drums and the strings and started with a lyrical almost empty arrangement, constructed on some flute-like synths and a very slow beat. But I wanted this kind of lonely feeling by keeping the sound-spectrum spacious and sparse, so I had enough room for the beautiful melody. And I particularly love the hypnotic effect, that the quite arpeggio contributes to the overall result.

Save a prayer

What do you think?

And as always, be sure to have a listen to my previews and stay tuned…

Love Susanne

(now it’s) seven down – some more to go.

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