Here comes the rain again

My biggest challenge.

Certainly Annie Lennox is one the best and most iconic singers in modern pop-music. And although I do not nearly have the range she has, I was often told that my voice sounded somewhat similar to hers. That’s why I hesitated to record “Here comes the rain again” for a very long time. I seriously do not want to copy someone or something and I really hope that my version is unique enough to stand on its own.

When I started laying out the basic tracks for this song, I saw a video from Andrew Huang about “glitchy” sounds and I immediately knew that I wanted to try this kind of approach for Here comes the rain again. I simply had the feeling of raindrops dripping all over by hearing those glitchy samples and thought that might fit well.

Surely I had to imitate some of the iconic licks in the original version, but I also added some new ones and a different beat. And most of all I tried to sing it with a different approach and found that kind of heavy and slow laid-back phrasing very suitable for the melancholic story of the song.

UPDATE: January 2020:

In the meantime the album is published!
Available through your favorite music service. Find all the links here

Love Susanne

Siri – play some Susanne Vargas!

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