coming late december...

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Susanne Vargas

New album “tributes” almost ready.

Yes, we’re almost there. Finally. You can read about the latest progress here.
All recordings are finished, we gave the tracks their final touch, all mixes are final and now the tracks get mastered.

The first recordings started one and a half year ago – you can learn, how I got here, by reading this. Or you can listen to previews of the songs and if you like what you hear, then follow me on facebook, twitter or instagram (links below) or subscribe to this website.

I am very excited to get my album out and it’s …

coming soon!

so stay tuned…

cos something good is gonna happen!

80s, singer, musik, sängerin, music, pop, dance, electronic, elektro, transsexuell, transsexual, transgender

stay tuned – stay in touch…

…and get notified as soon as I add new previews and – of course – when I publish the album!

wanna help me spread the word…?