Head over heels

This is it!

Of course I had to do a song from tears for fears, because: reasons! No, really – they are the band, the ones, the icon… they are the 80s. At least to me. I always loved their sound, their songs, their lyrics and their style. I always thought of making one of their songs, but couldn’t decide which one. And then – by listening to the “Songs from the big chair” it suddenly dawned on me: “Head over heels” it will be.

And I immediately had an idea for my album-artwork as well. Well, to be honest: one of my dearest friends Vladi Krafft had the idea some years ago. He took one of the photos that To Kuehne shot with me and turned my face over. Ok, it’s not head over heels, but I really think this is the suitable picture for this song and besides that I think it will be the basis for my album-artwork, too.

Head over heels

Let me know, what you think.

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Love Susanne

seven down – some more to go.

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