Happyness is easy

The Colour of Spring…

is my favorite album from Talk Talk and “Happyness is easy” is the first and my favorite song from the album. That unique and slow kind of afterwards singing, the unusual intro and strange-sounding chords, and most of all: those children singing freely in the chorus made this song special. It wasn’t the most mainstreamish and successfull song of Talk Talk, but certainly the most inspiring one for me.

Happyness is easy, but playing piano isn’t.

I never learned to play piano (I learned to play guitar for some years though) and I’ve never been very educated in music-theory, so no matter how much I tried, I couldn’t figure out those chords. And I couldn’t find anything online. Everything I found, just didn’t seem to sound right. But fortunately I know Philipp Rauenbusch, who was the former bass-player of the band “Reamonn” (you know: “I’m a Supergirl”…) and he is a genius in terms of music-theory and playing along to simply any kind of music. And he plays many instruments (which really helps making music *gg*). I asked him, if he could help and sure he did. So thank you very much, Philipp – you’re the best!

Little ships of Galilee…

You know that chorus? Those kids singing freely and sounding so intriguingly loose and fitting at the same time? How could I ever recreate this without simply copying it? For the longest time I had no idea and almost dropped the song. But then I experimented with different vocoders and suddenly I had the sound that seemed right to me for this song. I always wanted to use a vocoder and this is the right song to do just that.

Edit Feb. 25th, 2019:
Mark Hollis is dead. Such a shame!
You were one of a kind and I will definitely miss you.

UPDATE: January 2020:

In the meantime the album is published!
Available through your favorite music service. Find all the links here

Love Susanne

Siri – play some Susanne Vargas!

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