New album – almost there

I know…

it’s been a while and I promised to be ready this fall. Now it’s december already and nothing could be heard about me and the progress of my new album. So where was I? The answer is simple and quick: I was sick. Sometimes these things happen.

New album!

But I was not lazy! I worked – as good as I could – on the finishing touches with all the songs and re-worked some of the editing and some of the mixes. Now all mixes are final and the songs will get mastered. Finally.

And I also figured out which publishing-platform to use. There are many platforms that provide you with the ability of publishing your songs to the major stores and streaming services, but only a couple of them allow for the publishing of coversongs. And amongst those I carefully chose the one which offers a decent service at a fair price. And according to my researches this is soundrop:

Mastering still takes some time and at soundrop they need about two weeks to get the mechanical licensing for the coversongs – so wish me luck to get the songs out by the end of this year!

UPDATE: January 2020:

In the meantime the album is published!
Available through your favorite music service. Find all the links here

Love Susanne

Siri – play some Susanne Vargas!

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