With or without you

…that‘s the question. Or is it?

With or without you is one of the most remarkable tracks of the “Joshua tree” album of U2. And there are lots of cover-versions already. So why do another one? Well, simply because I love the song and – of course – I had to do a song from U2. They were the heroes of the 80s rock music and they certainly were my heroes. I’ve been to their concerts several times and they always rocked the house. So no – that wasn’t a question.

With or without you

…also is one of the most beautiful lovesongs ever and you can always add another lovesong to your album, couldn’t you? See… no question at all.

But I really struggled to find an arrangement that would fit into my project and respect the original version of the song, but would add another flavour to the long list of covers. I did three completely different versions and even then tweaked the final version three more times until I was happy with the result.

UPDATE: January 2020:

In the meantime the album is published!
Available through your favorite music service. Find all the links here

Love Susanne

Siri – play some Susanne Vargas!

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