Time after time

Cyndi, oh Cyndi…

You made my life more precious, more fun, more serious and at the same time more happy. I simply had to do this song: Time after time. It’s one of my all time favorites, because it is so full of love and emotion and melancholy. Back in the 80s there was a lot of melancholy and I was in the very midst of it.

Time after time…

…with its somewhat moanful melody and the soothing lyrics always carried me away and left me feeling better after hearing this song. And do you remember the video? Do you remember the colors and the styles we loved in the 80s? Cyndi Lauper always was kind of a role model for me (and many others – I know). And her style somewhat inspired me – together with Boy George’s… *gg*

Unfortunately my voice doesn’t have the range of Cyndi’s, so I had to do the song in another key, but I tried to capture the mood and spirit of the original. It’s not easy to find a independent and new interpretation of a song that you love so much. But adding a heavier beat and modern sounds helped me find my way.

Hope you like my version as much as I liked Cyndi’s…

UPDATE: January 2020:

In the meantime the album is published!
Available through your favorite music service. Find all the links here

Love Susanne

Siri – play some Susanne Vargas!

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