Press release
(13 January 2020)

Press release (13 January 2020)
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New release an 10 January 2020:
Tributes von Susanne Vargas

Songs of the 80s, reinterpreted electronically

“Hey Siri, play something by Susanne Vargas!” has been a working command since 10 January 2020: This was the day when the Tributes album by Susanne Vargas was released and became available through all common streaming services. 

On Tributes Susanne Vargas has compiled her favourite songs from the 1980s, given them an electronic makeover and interpreted them with a new and contemporary twist. The name says it all: Each individual track pays homage to the original performer and to the music of the 1980s as a whole – “the time where my love of music has its roots,” says Susanne Vargas. Despite the eclectic nature of the songs, this is a cohesive album, taking the listener on a journey through time from David Bowie’s Ashes to Ashes through Cindy Lauper’s Time after Time to Bakerman by Laid Back.

In addition to the new electronic take on the songs, it is the artist’s singing voice that stands out: Like the 13 tracks on the album, Susanne Vargas has undergone a transformation and reinvented herself. Born and raised in a male body, she now lives as a woman. But instead of denying her male past, she feels liberated to play with sound and pitch. Her voice unites both worlds and makes the songs something special in this respect as well. 

Ever since her school days, Susanne Vargas has loved to sing and be in the limelight. And she has constantly been drawn to the mixing table: Having been a music producer for more than 30 years she has helped many bands and artists find a voice over the years. And now it was time for her to get back behind the microphone – after more than two decades and for the first time in her new life as Susanne. Of course she is not only the singer but also the producer of the album.

Susanne Vargas has kept her fans up to date on the making of Tributes and the motivation behind each of the songs on her website: 

There she continues to report on the latest developments and new projects.


  1. Tainted Love
  2. With or Without You
  3. Happiness is Easy
  4. Cloudbusting
  5. Head over Heels
  6. Come Back and Stay
  7. Johnny and Mary
  8. Here Comes the Rain Again
  9. Time After Time
  10. Bakerman
  11. Ashes to Ashes
  12. Save a Prayer
  13. Hide and Seek

Listen to the music here: 

About Susanne Vargas:

  • Born in a male body in 1966 in Franconia, Germany
  • First live gigs as member of a schoolband
  • Music producer since 1984
  • Lives in Cologne, Germany since 1998
  • Lives as a woman since 2003


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